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We are a protest punk rock band from Venezuela, based in Paris, in favor of social awareness, thoughts and freedom of speech. We're looking forward to conquering new scenes and countries to share our music!

In the scene, we've shared stage with Lagwagon (Fatwreck Chords), A Wihelm Scream (Effervescence Records) 69 Enfermos from Colombia, (MorningWood Records), DobleD from Mexico and Dischord, from our Hometown Caracas, with performances in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and of course, Venezuela.

One EP Encarando La Muerte (2010), one full length entitled La Única Culpa Que Tengo (2015), and a new album in English, entitled Divided We Fall (2017) conform our discography.

Inspirations: Everything that surrounds us.

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When it seemed that venezuelan’s punk reactionary spirit entered in a coma state, Zombies No releases “La única culpa que tengo” so as to give it an electroshock. The songs in between the styles of melodic hardcore and New York hardcore, depicts the sad days that took over on us.”

Punk band Zombies No has catched the crowd’s attention with their songs from the album La única culpa que tengo.

El Nacional journal

…Whether it’s a matter of nostalgia or adrenaline, so for they constitute the last of the Mohicans protesters from refractory rock. The group’s experience’s and their impressions on the country’s situation have been exposed in their imminent second production: La única culpa que tengo, where they call things by their name, as punk has always done


A crushing hit, leaders among the wave of Venezuelan artists that summed up for a change with their music.

Zombies No, one of the fewer bands with balls remaining in the country.  With La única culpa que tengo, Zombies No makes a statement, openly criticizing everything that at least for them, is wrong, which basically turns out to be the actual government.


Quelque part entre punk-rock et metal, découvrez Zombies No, un groupe de protestation punk rock du Venezuela, basé à Paris, en faveur de la conscience sociale, des pensées et de la liberté d'expression.

Le groupe a partagé la scène avec Lagwagon (Fatwreck Chords), A Wihelm Scream (Effervescence Records), 69 Enfermos de Colombie, (Morning Wood Records), DobleD du Mexique et Dischord, de leur ville natale de Caracas. Se produire dans des pays tels que la Colombie, le Pérou, l'Équateur et le Venezuela.

Zombies No est impatient de conquérir de nouvelles scènes et des pays pour partager leur musique!
A noter la présence au chant de Arno, chanteur du groupe
punk-rock parisien begarsound !


The band won best album art for La Única Culpa Que Tengo, in the Union Rock Show Awards 2015, a prominent festival on the Venezuelan scene. Also, for the same festival, nominee as best band several times.

The single Hoy (entitled Now in the English version) qualified the band among 2000 other bands to participate in the Tu Voz Es Tu Poder festival and album.