Past concerts

Since 2010!

We have been active since 2010. Our first show was in Bogotá, Colombia along with Tom Sawyer, De Pinkers, 69 enfermos to support A Wilhelm Scream on their South American tour, at Teatro La Mamma.

In Caracas, Venezuela

In this poster gallery you will find flyers of almost all of our shows in Venezuela. Some of them are missing, we will keep on adding as we find them! Dischord, The Zeta, Union Rock Show Festival, Sin Mordaza, Tu Voz Es Tu Poder...

Lagwagon and A Wilhelm Scream: Ecuador, Perú and Colombia

Between 2010 and  2013 we had the opportunity of playing in three major shows of the South American leg tour of A Wilhelm Scream (2010) and Lagwagon (2013). We shared stage with local bands like Wreck and Play Attenchon in Peru; Tanque and Agente 86 in Ecuador.

Welcome to Europe

The band has been establishing itself in Europe since 2017. Since, the band has finally settled in January 2018. We've already played shows in London at the New Cross Inn, in Stuttgart, in Utrecht and of course in our new hometown, Paris.


We have more shows to come this year. Stay tuned. You can check our page TOUR DATES or our Facebook Events Tab for our next concerts. You can also track us in BandsInTown.